Before you jump to a prostate biopsy do yourself a favor and get a 3 Tesla MRI. Worst case scenario you know where the cancer is located. And do yourself another favor and book your MRI through Laura Miller and her staff at Axxess Imaging. I was guided professionally through the whole process. It was well worth the investment. Ron Smith

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Services Branch has provided written confirmation that an MRI exam of the prostate for a patient with an elevated PSA level, and who has NOT received a prior biopsy, is NOT an insured service covered by OHIP. Patients with an elevated PSA level who are at risk of developing prostate cancer are now able to pay privately for a prostate MRI. We perform the prostate MRI at Markham/Stouffville Hospital on a 3 Tesla machine, which does not require an endo-rectal coil. Men and their extended family can now have “peace of mind” and assist their physician in creating a definitive baseline profile. Download and complete the prostate MRI referral package HERE.